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How to buy
( See full manual with graphic description here)

1. Login to system (or click here) If you are not member yet sign up here (Why sign up?)

2. Select desire item(s) by insert number in to field and click " add to cart " button to get in to purchase page

3. You can select all item (s) and all shop ( See all shop here)

4. Click “ view shoppingcart“ to get in to purchase page

5. Select your desire payment method (See payment choice here)

6. Select your desire shipment method (See shipment choice here)/a>

7. Click “ process purchasing” button. You will get automatic confirmation email

8. Wait for another email from us to confirm stock status and etc.

9. If agree , process your payment

10. Email or Phone us about your payment details

11. Wait for tracking number of shipment by email

12. Receive your goods.
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